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           Western of Thailand

Most area in Western of Thailand is surrounded with mountains or hills and shares borders with Myanmar. Thus there are Burmese, Karen and Mon living around there.

Main occupation is agriculture that plants sugarcane for making white sugar and pineapple for being diversified to canned pineapple or juice. Main source of sugarcane and pineapple is Karnchanaburi and Prachub-Khirikhan province respectively.


There are few large dams in this side such as Phumiphol dam, Srinakarin dam and Khoa-Laem dam. They can generate electric power more than one-third of all generated one. They are places suitable for sight seeing and spending a night as well.

In Phetchaburi and Phachub-Khirikhan provinces, there are famous seasides or beaches such as Cha-am beach, Chao-Samran beach and Hua-hin beach.